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AP Releases New Line in 2010!!

The Makers of Sugary Starry Candy Whip Puff Princess Bunnies, in a joint venture with Halliburton, are proud to bring you their newest in high fashion loli accessories! Be the first on your block to own this beautiful must-have item!

Angelic Pretty proudly presents....FULL MELTY JACKET!

That's right princesses and frill fanatics! You can have your very own mecha teddy bear complete with twin gatling guns, pre loaded heat seeking smart missiles, a flame thrower, vibroblade, an anti-tank (mana?) cannon, and more sparkles and glitter than you can shake a wrist cuff at! For only 10 easy payments of $99.99, you can have the first, last and FINAL word in the Gothic VS. Sweet debate!

And if it's good enough for Darth Cheney, it's good enough for you!

/ infomercial voice

So comtesse_de_lis and I were discussing the EGL predictions thread right here and we had a great time laughing about what a 'Loli Turf War' would look like. I came up with the idea that the sweet lolis would gear up in giant mecha teddy bears and thus, FULL MELTY JACKET was born. We're still not quite sure what the Gothic lolis would fight back with.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Happy Merrry Everbody!

Merry Christmas from Indiana Everyone!!!

Here's to all your wishes and dreams for the new year to come true! Let's say good bye to 2009, our planet wide annus horrible, and give a bright Hello to 2010!

Random Loli Related Question...

Does anybody know if there are loli stores in Sapporo in Hokkaido?

Sapporo or rather Hokkaido, incidentally, is home to a place called Furano (so say my old students anyway) that is full of nothing but fields of flowers. Sounds very lovely and perfect for a meet up. *laughs* Who's with me?


When the lights go out in the city...

And the sun shines on the plain...

Well it's radio silence from the Stratamander and Comtesse household. This time tomorrow we'll be playing cowboys and indians and shooting buffalo in Texas.

They still have buffalo in Texas right?

And since the internet is about to go down in 10 minutes I thought I'd just say...

That's all folks!
Just saw another trailer for G.I.Joe the Rise of Cobra and I saw the invisible guy from Heroes!

Or for those of you who are more into Dr. Who than I, It's the Doctor! Not the skinny actually-scottish-but-playing-as-british doctor with the chocobo hair but the guy before him who Rose first snogged and went all Bad Wolfy over.


And it's just another excuse for me to showcase my growing collection of NCIS icons.

Because who doesn't want someone like Gibbs threatening to break federal law, jurisdiction and noses to protect you from bad guys?

Gratuitous icon post!

Uhmmm....I have no reason for this post other than to say...I have NCIS icons!


And I'll be going now.

Selling my soul to pay for postage

Well that and credit card bills..>_>

As you all know, I'm moving next week and I'm getting rid of some items that I don't really want anymore. Not a whole lot of loli items but there's LOTS of yummy rare j-rock goods for those of you who like that sort of thing. ^_^

The selling is post is at my old dead journal tavestry and all the information is included there.

I'm also selling some particularly rare L'arc~en~Ciel goods on eBay and if you'd like to see...Here is the link!

I hope everybody had a fabulous time at Otakon and I can't wait to see pictures!


Writer's Block: Dream Vacations

What vacations would you most like to take in the next five years?

I would love to be able to take a long tour around Europe or failing that I would love to spend a week in each of the following countries.


Places that I would love to go to at some point in my life:

The Levant (includes Israel, Lebanon and the surrounding countries.)
Russia (which is large enough to warrant its own post.)
Hong Kong
Wherever Ankor Wat is.
Chile (Machu Picchu for the win!)
Mexico city (or wherever it is that the temple of the sun is so comtesse_de_lis can tell me all about it. Hopefully the indiginous people won't start a revolution after I visit this time.)
Bamf, Canada (for the snowboarding and the Fuzzy Elf references)
Victoria Falls, Africa
Grand Canyon
San Francisco

And other places that I can't think of off the top of my head. ^^


And THIS time, I got it right. ^_~
Living with comtesse_de_lis is a non-stop laugh riot.

A recent conversation...(I was clicking through conceptart.org or DA for people with actual talent.)

Comtesse: Oh? Who is that? Is he active in the community?
Me: . . .
Comtesse: ^___^
Me: He's dead. -_-;;
Comtesse: Well I guess he has a ghost writer then!

And the wind blows through a hollow LJ....


Right! So Otakon is NEXT week and before you all vanish into the Chesapeake Bay I would like to entertain you with the following youtube clips which feature Eddie Izzard and...


This has absolutely nothing to do with your Sugary Creamy Dreamy Puff Print JSK that's missing from your closet. Nothing at all!Collapse )

And with that, I'm out!

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